Wordpress Coaching & Website Consultation

Starting your own business has its challenges, don’t let struggling with your website be one of them. With Graceful Willow Designs WordPress coaching option we are offering the chance for you to build your own WordPress website with a designer right along side you, guiding you in developing a website that truly reflects who you are and what you do. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re feeling stuck on what to do next we are right by your side helping you solve coding challenges, suggesting improvements for your website flow and structure, and helping you refine your SEO and conversion strategy. Unlike a lot of other designers, we don’t believe you have to build a website from scratch in order for it to be successful. We encourage the use of existing WordPress frameworks and themes, providing you with a great foundation and structure for your site. Building your own website is a big task, but attainable for those willing to tackle the learning curve.

Wordpress Coaching Can Include

Intitial WordPress Installation

Framework or Theme Installation

Plugin Installation and set-up

Content Review And Advice

Template code changes adjusting colors, fonts, and structure

Screen sharing sessions to learn the backend of your site

Phone calls to provide feedback and guidance

SEO suggestions and implementation

Installation and Setup of Google Analytics

Email Marketing System Setup and Integration

Custom Intake, Registration and Contact Forms

Advance feature set-up such as appointment scheduling and payment options

WordPress Coaching is charged hourly at the rate of $18/per hr.

Website Review & Consult

Do you know that you only have 8 seconds to impress your visitors? 8 seconds, that’s it. Is your website living up to its task of attracting visitors and portraying the quality and value of your business? Let us provide you with a fresh perspective on how a potential client might view your site. We spend 30 minutes with you live (screen sharing or just a phone chat) reviewing and experiencing your website and providing feedback on the overall design and usability of the site. Some things I will look at include, font and color placement, web visuals, page flow and structure, lead generating strategy, brand integration (or lack there of), etc. After our live chat, I will send you a list of the things we spoke about. This list can be used as a guide or to do list when working to improve your website and online brand.

Schedule a Website Review & Consult for just $50

Could you use the guidance of a web designer?